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CDW Circle is now public

More than 200 people, both live and connected remotely, attended the presentation event of the “Cdw Circle” project. Engineers, surveyors and architects, as well as mining and construction sectors entrepreneurs, discovered the goals and developments of the pilot project for the reuse of construction and demolition aggregates destined for disposal.

ESEB president Paolo Bettoni opened the event (coordinated by ESEB director Antonio Crescini). The other speakers were: Riccardo Trichilo (AD of Csmt), Alberto Bonetti of the Order of Engineers of Brescia, Giovanni Plizzari and Sabrina Sorlini (Dicatam department of UniBs), Gatti Group AD (project coordinator) Corrado Gatti, Francesco Onori (chief operating officer of CavArt). Two international speakers: César Seoanze, connected from Brussels as project advisor for the Cinea (European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency) project, and Georg Weingrill, product manager for Binder + Co.  Paola Zerbinati and regional councillor for the environment Giorgio Maione of the Lombardy Region closed the event.

The press filmed the most important aspects of the meeting, emphasizing the key role played by the providedtechnology : a machine designed by Binder that combines artificial intelligence with an optical device that recycle 100% of construction and demolition waste. Once the waste has been separated using particle sieves, the optical system distinguishes the material of each fragment and quickly separates, thanks to AI, the indistinct components of the waste. 

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